Monday, December 12, 2011

7 C's of Business Communication

This article really changed the way that I look at blogging and how effective it really can be. The 7 C's really are good guidelines to help you create an interesting, successful, and useful blog. I wish that i had read this article earlier in the year to make my blogging more effective and professional

Business Small Talk

This article seems like it would be a great read for people who get nervous in meetings. This is very informative for people who are not sure if they should feel comfortable having small talk in a business setting. For me this article seems a little useless. I know what people usually talk about when having small talk and I already feel comfortable in that type of situation.

LinkedIn Tips

I found these tips to be helpful. With out these tips, personally, I would be lost on LinkedIn. Although this article doesn't give you positive advice to make your LinkedIn account more attractive, it tells you what not to do on it so you wont look bad which is almost if not more helpful. When i make a LinkedIn account I will remember and use these tips.

More Than Just A Resume

This article hot the nail right on the head. It is important for employers to really get a feel for the job applicants to find the right person for the job. It talks about 8 very important traits that employers cant see on a resume which are people skills, handling pressure, integrity, work ethic, charisma, ambition, leadership ability, positive attitude. With out interviewing and getting a feel for the applicants strength in all of these areas, employers are hiring with less information than they should which could end up being detrimental for their company.