Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How Blogs Benefit Companies

These Blogs all accomplish similar goals. All of them introduce what they stand for and what they want you to do or to know. They also include examples or illustrations to better get there points across. It make the audience more familiar and comfortable with there business. The linked in blog shows what the company environment is about. It shows you from an interns point of view and shows how friendly, fun, and loose the faculties work environment actually is. The Zappos blog demonstrates what the goals of the company are. It gets right to the point of what there goals are and how they are going to accomplish them. They also include a testimonial from a company that aspires to conduct business in a similar manner. The Whole Story blog tells what the company is about and It also tell people how to recycle with a step by step illustrated process on how to turn old water bottles into tiny flower pots. There other blog advertises there products to store there healthy organic foods.

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